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International Joint Seminar

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18th International Joint Seminar on Regional Deposition Processes in the Atmosphere and Climate Change

This International Joint Seminar is the 18th in a series, jointly coordinated by Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan and Mongolia to present an international forum for continued exchange of information related to technical and scientific advances in coping and assessing the vital environmental issues and to cooperate among countries to resolve these issues.

Since the first International Joint Seminar had been held in Seoul, Korea in 1995, subsequent Joint Seminars have been successfully held in Beijing China in 1996, Japan in 1997, Melbourne Australia in 1998, Seoul Korea in 1999, Xian China in 2000, Tsukuba Japan in 2001, Irkutsk Russia in 2002, Bangkok Thailand in 2003, Melbourne Australia in 2004, Jejudo Korea in 2005, Beijing China in2006, Tsukuba Japan in 2007, Bangkok Thailand in 2008, Taipei Taiwan in 2009, Irkutsk Russia in 2010 and Melbourne Australia in 2011.

Coorganized by

  • National University of Mongolia
  • Ministry of Nature, Environment and Green Development
  • Mongolian Young Scientists Association

Sponsored by

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
  • Center for Atmospheric and Environmental Modeling, Korea


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